How it works

3 steps to find new customers

1 - You tell us what service or product you sell
Who are your customers ? Who needs your service ?

2 - We send you highly qualified customers
The members of CaptainLeads share with each other what they need to buy. When our matching algorithm estimates it's appropriate, we send them to you right away.

You turn your leads into tangible sales, and increase the revenue of your company!
You choose the potential customers you'd like to get in touch with. You contact them, and sell them your service or product.

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Benoît G.


"En tant que fondateur de Databerries, j’ai souvent beaucoup d’achats occasionnels à faire. Le réseau CaptainLeads me permet de trouver les bons fournisseurs, en mode « économie partagée ». Merci CaptainLeads !"

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Hadrien M.


Dans le cadre de mon activité, j’ai souvent besoin de faire des achats, mais également de trouver des clients. CaptainLeads est une initiative originale pour me permettre de faire les 2, en réseau, à travers un modèle d’économie partagée très efficace. Bravo !

team member

Olivier M.


"I like CaptainLeads because it allows me to find customers exactly when I need them (and they need me). The idea is genuine, and the networks grows really fast. It's so efficient to work with CaptainLeads!"

Easy to use

Today's webmarketing tools are complex, expensive and hard to use. CaptainLeads allows you to set up your account in 5 minutes : you tell us what service or product you sell, the type of customers you're looking for, and you start receiving customers right away.

Highly eficient

A new concept, one of a kind, allows CaptainLeads to provide a growing flow of highly qualified leads, an many areas and industries, to companies like yours. Our leads are the most qualified on the market, because they're generated by a shared economy model.

Highly cost-efficient

An original lead generation process, based on dynamic pricing, and a shared economy model, between buyers and sellers, allows us to give you the choice of what price you're willing to pay per lead.

CaptainLeds is funny, engaging and fully functional

We send you hightly qualified prospects. In exchange, you tell us what you need to buy, both products and/or services. The more you give, the more you get. It's free, easy to use and efficient.

3 use cases, to show you how great CaptainLeads is!

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Why do our members love our concept so much?

Published on the 15th of sept, 2014

Because they can find customers for free! You heard us well, event planners receive highly qualified leads, and in exchange, they share with our community their own purchasing needs. The more they work with our providers, the more qualified leads they receive, from companies that need to organize corporate events.

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Why do professional caterers work with CaptainLeads?

Publié le 5 Oct 2014

Professional caterers are always looking for news business opportunities. Finding new customers is hard and expensive. CaptainLeads helps them find new customers, in their area, according to their criteria (yearly revenue, delivery conditions, etc.). And you know what? The caterers decide by themselves the price they want to pay for our service.

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Are you the owner of a transportation company, looking for new customers?

Publishesd on the 15th of July, 2014

We have what you want. The event planners we work with need you, for the organization of their corporate events. The management of such complex events is our specialty, sign up for free on CaptainLeads, event planners in our network are looking for suppliers such as you right now.

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